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Transmission Repair Canton

Transmission Repair Technician CantonIf a mechanic is going to repair your transmission properly, he will have to make the right diagnosis first. AAMCO technicians will always perform our exclusive multi-point transmission scan service before starting repairs on any car that comes into the shop. The exclusive Transmission Scan service includes checking the level and condition of the transmission fluid, checking the level and condition of the transfer case and differential fluid when applicable, and a road test that will allow the technician to experience any symptoms that prompted you to bring your car in. The road test will also be used to evaluate your car's performance in regards to:

  • Initial engagements
  • Each drive range
  • Upshift timing and quality
  • Downshift timing and quality
  • Passing gear
  • TCC engagement
  • Neutral and reverse
  • Noises and vibrations
  • 4x4 performance
  • Park-hold

After the road test, your vehicle will be placed on a lift so that the controls underneath the car can be inspected. Your AAMCO technician will look for any causes of your car troubles that are not in the transmission by checking:

  • Shift linkage or cable
  • Vacuum connections
  • TV/detent cable/linkage
  • Engine performance
  • Harness and ground connections
  • Engine idle
  • Mounts
  • Final drive
  • Axles and shafts
  • U-joints/CV joints
  • Fluid retention
  • Pan gasket
  • Wire condition
  • Trouble codes from the computer

These diagnostic tests can expose many transmission problems, but if your AAMCO technician cannot identify the issue after the initial check, there are other tests that can be done. We will never recommend any repairs before determining the exact cause of the problem so that you never pay for repairs you don’t need.

Computer and Internal Diagnostics

The next step in our diagnostic testing process is an advanced computer and internal diagnostics inspection. This helps to ensure that your AAMCO technician only fixes what needs to be fixed.

In many of today's high-tech vehicles, transmission problems are likely to be caused by computer errors. When the transmission gets erroneous signals from the onboard computer, it can run improperly or inefficiently and cause drivability issues. The AAMCO Computer Diagnostic Service will help us find out if your transmission’s problems are caused by malfunctioning electrical components. This diagnostic test includes:

  • Using a computer system scanner to pull trouble codes from the onboard computer. All major computer systems will be checked, as a problem in nearly any one of them could lead to drivability issues.
  • Checking the data pulled from the computer against AAMCO’s proprietary technical database, which is the most thorough resource available when it comes to transmission computer diagnostics.
  • Checking to see if the problem is inside or outside of the transmission computer system by connecting the AAMCO Kwiktest™ PlusBox.

Your AAMCO technician will also check electronic components, solenoids and sensors, and any wiring that affects the transmission, solenoids, and sensors. He can then determine whether any of your car's electronic components need to be repaired or replaced and make recommendations for the appropriate services. When your mechanic can quickly identify problems and make only the repairs you truly need, you can get your car, truck, or SUV back in action sooner.

AAMCO's commitment to a thorough diagnostic process, high-quality repairs, and honest service has made us the most trusted name in the transmission repair business for nearly 50 years. We always perform our Transmission Scan diagnostic service before starting work so that every repair we do is for the good of the transmission, the vehicle, and the customer.

Thanks to our time-tested diagnostic techniques, AAMCO technicians often find that only minor repairs are necessary. Repair shops without our diagnostic resources often make unnecessarily large repairs to solve drivability problems. When we do have to make major repairs or replace transmissions, we only use the best parts and equipment no junkyard scraps or second-rate units. We also back our work with the strongest nationwide warranty in the industry, from our basic no-questions-asked nationwide warranty to our iron-clad lifetime warranty.

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